I May Not Be a Professional Great Celebrity, But — Part 1!

Has reality ever gotten the best of you?  Not me!  I may not be a professional megalomaniac, but I’ve always played one in my mind.  Try it!  You’ll like it!

Not only can this trick help you yourself, but it can also help all of your relationships as well!  — Example:  I may not be a Professional Napoleon, but I WAS ALWAYS ONE, in my wife’s abundant imagination!

She tried it!  —  She liked it!

AGE SIX  —  Thank you, Mama, for gifting me in this brilliant manner — Mama, and my First Grade Sunday School Teacher!  Mama taught us that we were members of a VERY, VERY, VERY SPECIAL FAMILY. And my Teacher taught me the following quite fascinating Biblical Truths:  1) That Jesus’s family, just like mine, also was a very, very special family!  2) And that not only that, but like me, Jesus was sprung from a carpenter!  Just like me and my Grandpa!  3) And that not only that, but that Jesus might have been reborn all over again any minute, whenever we least knew it!

Thus was born my own personal cerebral divinity.

Overtly, I still may not be a major authority figure, but inside me my ovations cascade and overflow.

———   TO BE CONTINUED!   ——–

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